DLS Ecological Services
Rehabilitation and Management of Natural Communities including:
Tree & Brush removal
Rx Fire
Invasive species control
Diversity planting
Riparian & Wetland restoration
Erosion control
Rx Grazing w/ Hazelton Brush Goats
Trash / "Farm dump" clean-up

Creation and Management of Surrogate Habitat including:

"Prairie" and wetland plantings
Grassland maintenance
Budget native cover

Natural Resource Consultation including:

Natural Areas Management plans
Biological surveys
Pre-purchase/sale of real estate ecological assessment (rehabilitation potential, Floristic Quality Index, invasive species, etc.)
Conservation grant application (USDA, USFWS, DNR,etc.)
Rx Burn plans
Oversight and remediation of forestry and development activities
Conservation easement facilitation and oversight
Prescribed Grazing w/ Hazelton Brush Goats
Marketing of excess timber
Managed Forest Law (WI) consultation and administration
Geographic Information System (GIS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection, management & mapping.
General guidance

Nature Preserve Development

Trail clearing and infrastructure
Interpretive signage / literature
GIS data collection & management                                    

And more...