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Baby Goat goes to local school: One of our little goats got the privilege of going to school this spring. Sugar went to help a group of young kids learn to enunciate g"oa"t. The kids seemed to love her and we hope to get this opportunity next year.

Jesse Bennett & Jaye Maxfield receive Prairie Enthusiast of the Year for 2010.
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DLS cares for the environment while we care for the environment

          DLS exclusively uses...

Biodegradable, vegetable oil-based chainsaw lubricant.

Non-carcinogenic oil diluents as carriers for oil-based herbicides.

100% Bio-diesel in our machinery and truck fleet.

Office and shop recycling, waste reduction and re-use program.

DLS is seeking those who have experienced engine failures with Fecon FTX90s and/or Rayco C87s with Deutz engines. If you have experienced such a failure, please contact