Natural Areas Management since 1997

 Driftless Land Stewardship LLC is a full-service Natural Areas Management firm. We specialize in rehabilitation and management of natural communities,  creation and management of surrogate habitat, and invasive species control. Not just an after-thought, managing natural areas and controlling invasive species is what we do.
     Driftless Land Stewardship LLC services portions of WI, IA, IL, and MN; an area of the Midwest that can be described as the Upper Mississippi Oak Savanna Eco-region. Our team of Natural Areas Management professionals have the resources and expertise necessary to effectively manage the many natural communities of the region. From Sand Barrens to Sedge Meadow, Oak Savanna to Algific Talus Slopes, Southern Mesic Forest to Dry Prairie, Coldwater Streams and everything in between, DLS has a proven track record.
     Because DLS is highly experienced with actual, on-the-ground land management, we are also the right choice for ecological planning and consultation, project funding (cost share and grant programs), and permanent property protection (conservation easements and real estate transactions).
     Real-world projects demand a solid foundation in ecology, a comprehensive approach, constant innovation, specialized equipment, and an intimate familiarity with natural communities. Count on DLS, an established leader in the field Natural Areas Management. No project is too large or too small.